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Richard Wheeler - Flight Examiner
Goodwood Aerodrome Runway 32Welcome to my website.

Renewal and revalidation for the Single Pilot Aeroplane (SPA) Class and associated ratings at Goodwood and Lee on Solent.

Microlight Class Rating training is also provided from ab initio to BMAA NPPL licence application.
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Solo consolidationJohn Holmes practises departure, upper airwork exercises and rejoin in preparation for his GST. Note accurate use of anchor points for headings and pitch adjustments in the turns to maintain altitude.
Quizaero link for NPPL Microlight Class RatingKnowing your subject and taking QuizAero's course and test papers will ensure you pass first time.
Overhead join at Goodwood by John Holmes in SportAir C42Training for National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL) and Microlight Class Rating. Joining overhead for runway 06 Left Hand.
John Holmes preparing for the second qualifying cross country.Gaining your NPPL and Microlight Class rating in the Ikarus C42 at SportAir based at Goodwood.
John Holmes in the C42 doing circuitsJohn is consolidating his flying at SportAir prior to going solo. Note the approach of two Chinooks and concern about rotor downwash. The wind was 190/12 knots so taking this away from 24, however the instructor was late in seeing that the Chinooks were hovering over the runway intersection due to the high wing. This illustrates the value of both pilots keeping a good lookout.
John Holmes departure from Sandown on runway 05SportAir C42 dual cross-country flight to Goodwood.
Irv Lee's FAQ pageFAQs covering SEP Revalidation and Renewal
Goodwood wind speedsGoodwood weather server
EGHR to EGHF Navigation training.John Holmes in the SportAir C42 G-CKYL from Goodwood to Lee on Solent gaining dual cross-country time for the issue of the NPPL Microlight Class Rating.
British Aerobatic AssociationAerobatic training directory.
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